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The Future of the Hoser Gang

Let me start by saying that I haven't been posting enough here, and I'm sorry for that. The people here at the Hoser Gang are the most DEDICATED OF THE DEDICATED, and you deserve the majority of my time and attention as fans. I know you understand though. I've been pumping out lots of tunes and I know you see that. Regardless I'm just thankful, and this leads into what i want to talk about.

I'm going to start using this space like a proper blog... Wait... Blog? Ya I know... This isn't 2006 anymore, so why would I want to do this? Well it's for two reasons mainly.

The first is that I want to be more transparent and open. I want to tell y'all exactly what I'm up to, because some of you really care and want to know! The thing is that, I haven't been into blogging or vlogging because it's another piece of content, and when you're making content you have to try at least a little bit to be entertaining. It's just too exhausting to video and edit my ever move in a day. It would mean I would be making less music and having less fun while I do it. I think this is the perfect in between. The people who really care can come see what I'm thinking and doing. The others can just enjoy the music. everyone wins!

The second reason is really related to the first. I'm too much of a perfectionist. Keep in mind I'm MUCH BETTER than i used to be (mainly because I'm actually way better at making music now lol) but still... The longer I spend thinking about a project the worse it turns out!!!! I made Tims Run in one session, and dropped it within 24 hours of starting it. Same with Canadian baby! My point being, if I am posting updates here weekly so people cans ee what I'm doing I know it will keep me from overthinking. Just typing my ideas helps me organize them. Basically this is going to be a public music related journal.

I really like this, because if I've been feeling unmotivated, I'm gonna tell you. If I want to quit music cause I'm so frustrated I'm going to tell you. If I'm inspired and happy and energetic I'm gonna tell you. Basically I'm not trying to entertain you here. I'm writing this for me.

But I know many of you really honestly care about me (thank you, and love you) so why not be brave with the openness. Maybe people will relate to what i say, or learn from it. Maybe no one will read it? Either way it will help me get my ideas out and if it makes me happy then I'm gonna go for it.

Also I'mma post a picture of the week, cause the posts look better with a pic and I love taking photos haha.

Love y'all, more to follow.


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I think with making music is enough for us! We love the tiktok lives and the music. Don’t need to stress yourself out by making to much content. You’re doing awesome with the music i would stick hard with that and try not to do to much so you don’t get burnt out! #hosergang

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