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A chronological journey through every piece of music I have ever released




November 18, 2023

In my HUMBLE opinion Kendrick Lamar is the greatest rapper of all time. I was honestly a bit nervous to remix such an incredible song by such an incredible artist but I'm glad I did because it went just so well. This one is really funny and I hope you enjoy it!



October 24, 2023

I was inspired to write this song after hearing a horrifyingly nonchalant conversation about war. As if it was the days weather, or the results of last night's sports match. In the same breathe as celebrity drama and local politics. Perhaps just the same way that something we call fruit grows from a tree, this thing called war blooms out of our humanity. Maybe it's okay to accept our nature. At least then we can look at it, and through a self awareness consider retuning it.



October 5, 2023

Tabco is dead. He passed away October 3. 



September 21, 2023

It's my birthday and I'm dropping a song. This one has been in the vault for a long time and I'm happy to release it. I love the beat and the mix and I think this is one of my catchiest ever hooks. I will no doubt forget to promote it as much as I should, but it really is a great track that should make it onto your pop-rap playlist imho.



July 1 2023

It's Canada Day and Party in Canada has propelled itself into the position of my most successful song release ever! Thank you all for the support and enjoy this remaining of the track that will be more appropriate to enjoy during this lovely Canadian summer.


April 28, 2023

A remix of the viral hit 'Cupid,' that comes during the NHL playoffs. SO lyrically i focused on funny hockey stuff and complaining about bad calls. Have a laugh!



February 18, 2023

A collection of 35 deeply personal tracks that needed to see the light of day. As I release my internal world into the external I also metaphorically release parts of myself that have been hidden. Suppressed emotions and desires and thoughts that aren't easy to share. I move from the dark hidden world of the internal to the outside. And I'm healing. I hope one day you do the same.



February 1, 2023

I'm off to explore Europe for a month, here's a freestyle!



January 5, 2023

This song is a set of sounds and lyrics I'm very proud of. I hope it speaks to you and reminds you of the beauty of life. I hope it makes you look forward to the future and make the most of the now, while also fondly appreciating the past. Just have a great life please, life is cool.



November 27, 2022

A remix and beat remake of Lalala by BBno$. He's an awesome young Canadian rapper and producer, but why not make him EVEN MORE CANADIAN right? Anywho enjoy.



November 13, 2022

A remix and beat remake of Rockstar by Post Malone. I love this dude's music so I really enjoyed making htis one and I hope you enjoy it too.



November 8, 2022

I've had this demo for so long, and for some reason never 'finished' it. Then I played it on a Tiktok Live one day and everyone insisted that it NEEDED to be dropped exactly how it is. So I did... Hahaha. Let's show our stupid perfectionism who's boss.



November 2, 2022

This song was released in the summer of 2016 (before I knew how to tune a vocal lol), but it was always a stand out from my second project 'YJ/Days Sober.' This project was an amazing opportunity to grow and expand my sound from the foundation that 'Thomas.' established. One of my first truly explosive vocal performances.



October 21, 2022

I'm actually really proud of this Canadian Remix. I had to Remake the beat from scratch myself, and the lyrics are just so funny. I think this remix has more of my own personality and unique style baked into it that any other that has come before it.



October 15, 2022

So basically I've been on this big kick of self expression, cathartic release of emotions, and trying to break away from social structure. That's what expressions is, just be letting it out. I want people to hear what a human actually sounds like. When you take away all the fear and doubt that society put into our heads, of course we scream and yell and make crazy noises. It's fun! And who cares if you look weird. Weird is how we should be.

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 19.44_edited.jpg


September 26, 2022

There is actually a gift on Tiktok livestreams called 'Dancing Beaver,' that inspired this song. Someone sent it to me and I said 'hey it's beaver time!' It became an inside joke with me and my other members of chat, so one day on stream I threw together some loops and made this mindless energetic extravaganza!


The Corn Song: Canadian Version

September 19, 2022

A silly viral video that blew up over night led me to making this full length parody of Tiktok's infamous 'Corn Song'. But it's genuinely pretty dope too.

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 16_edited.jpg

Live Broadcast (September 12, 2022)

September 14, 2022

I recorded this album live in one take on Tiktok with just my voice and guitar layered over some ambient synths and sound effects I created. I hope you find it a relaxing break from this busy and chaotic world :)

Variety Pack Volume. 1 Cover Art Album Cover.jpg

Variety Pack Volume. 1

August 5, 2022

Two rap songs, a rock song, a country song about drinking beer, a folk song about how the Toronto Maple Leafs suck, and a song I have no idea how to describe haha. Honestly Coast and What It Feels Like might be my best songs yet.



July 15, 2022

Released under my given name, Shane William Kimber,  UGLY is a 7 song exploration of they ways I don't fit in. I talk about gender norms, fashion, and being fearless in expressing who you are. And I do it with a lot of attitude on some beats with way too much bass in them.

This project is friggen awesome.

Dude where's makar cover art.JPG

Dude Where's Makar

June 17, 2022

An amazing producer/pure soul named Anomal Planet posted this dope beat on his Tiktok which sampled Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. I just happened to be watching a ton of Zelda speed runs at that time and... well, 24 hours this song was completed haha.

In this freestyle about being who you are and living a healthy life I drop some pretty nerdy Zelda references, so let me know if you get any of them haha

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 12.03.06.png

Canadian Bad Guy

May 17, 2022

This single had been kicking around for awhile, and it was about time I release it. Since Calagry and Edmonton were going into an intense playoff battle of Alberta series, it was the perfect time to do it!

Make sure to check this on out for the music video on youtube AND on all streaming platforms

Greatest In Canada Volume 3  cover.jpg

Greatest In Canada Volume. 3

April 6, 2022

The biggest instalment yet in the Greatest in Canada series, includes tons of classics that I dropped at singles in the winter of 2021/2022. The biggest hits are "Canadian Baby,' 'Eh.', and 'Gloves Off'. If you enjoy my Canadian remixes I highly recommend you listen to the album from start to finish, because there might be Canadian Remixes on here that you've missed!

My personal fav is Canadian Heatwaves ;)

IMG_5504 2.JPG

Live Broadcast (March 29, 2022)

April 6, 2022

I love creating ambient music, so I've created a new Alias to release these slow relaxing soundscapes. I created this music live on my tiktok stream, and I have lots more planned to come soon under this new name... Ursa Horizon!

value cover art find;.jpg

Value - Single

February 4, 2022

A Random Pop/Dance single I released, with some awesome lyrics about being in the moment and loving yourself. It says ft. Shane William Kimber, which is just me haha. I will use 'Shane William Kimber' to release my more serious and heart felt music.

It also had a dope music video, so go check that out for sure!

Thomas Album Cover_edited.jpg


December 29, 2021 (Originally Released in 2015)

A I made the album 'Thomas.' very long ago, when I was quite young. Still it holds up as the most artistically cohesive and rewarding project I have ever released. It is my masterpiece, even though it sounds rough around the edges. I hope it gives you as much growth and healing as i received by creating it <3

MCTOY cover.jpg

The Most Canadian Time of the Year

December 12, 2021

A funny and wholesome Canadian Themed Christmas song. I hope you get a laugh from it and enjoy the Christmas Spirit.

unfollow me cover v2.png

Unfollow Me - Single

December 3, 2021

I love this song so much. It's a kick a** rock song about the fact that I'm confident in who I am and the art I make. If people don't like it then they can just UNFOLLOW ME! I hope it inspires you to be yourself and create/do whatever it is you want to. Make the world better and more beautiful even when people are hating on you.

GIC 2 Album Cover.JPG

Greatest In Canada Volume. 2

July 1, 2021

This album contained a mixture of Canadian and non-Canadian songs. It includes hits like 'Tims Run and 'Flow Like Trudeau,' but don't miss out on other awesome fan favourite songs like 'Coconut Lotion' and 'The Diglett Song.' I'me definitely proud of this one, and it's also worth the full front to back listen


Coconut Lotion - Single

May 28, 2021

This single is honestly such a summer vibe. All my friends love it, and the fans who know about it all say it is one of their favourites. Throw it on whenever there is nice weather and good people around. The bass line is just so juicy.

DRAKE WHO_ Cover Art 1.1 copy.jpg

Drake Who? - Single

April 1, 2021

I love to have some fun with joking about how much Drake sucks. I don't actually hate Drake. I don't know the guy, maybe he's nice?? But anyways this song slaps. I rap really well and the bass is too loud.


I'm Sorry That I Ghosted You - EP

January 21, 2021

I love this project so much. It's just different versions of this same song, but I love them all. It is a funky Alt rock song that makes you want to dance and cry at the same time. And then the remixes are for floating off into the abyss. It's glorious.

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 15.28.24.png

Canadian Pop Out - Single

January 21, 2021

Just a random Canadian Single that never made it onto an album. If you love my Canadian Remix series, then definitely consider giving it a listen

tims run cover.jpg

Tims Run - Single

December, 15 2020

I had no idea that this would become my most streamed song of all time... but wow I guess here we are. Tims Run is awesome, and I love y'all much for your support. It's a fun pop jam about going to Tim Hortons. Just a fun and silly vibe.


Greatest In Canada Volume. 1

July 1, 2020

The first instalment in the Greatest In Canada Series is still a pretty dope listen. It has Canadian classics like 'Hands Like Barber' and 'Eh.' as well hidden gems like 'Distance' and 'You can Do That Shtuff.' These mixes are still a little rough, but you can hear how far I've come in my ability to make great sounding music :)

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 15.42.23.png

Having A Day - Single

July 1, November 1, 2019

This is a single I wrote about having a bad day. It's got a lot of attitude and I feel like it realistically looks at how it is to have a crappy day. You just want to be left along, but I put a sort of a funny spin on it so everyone can relate and see that we all have bad days sometimes!

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 15.48.40.png

Everything - Single

August 2, 2019

This pop-rap song is about being the type of person that gets along with everyone, but sort of floats around between friends groups and doesn't have one specific place that they fit in.  The music video is also super fun.

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 15.53.54.png

Talking with Kick Drums - Mixtape

August 8, 2018

This first project has such an interesting and unique sound. Definitely check out 'F.U.N.' and 'Electrify,' which were the two biggest hits off of the album. Also don't miss 'Lonely,' 'You're Free,' and 'This is the One' for some other amazing songs. Really worth listening to from front to back I'd say :)

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