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In the last two days I’ve had two separate TikTok posts blowup for two very different reasons. The first was about the new song “BEAVER TIME!” Which is coming out on September 26. One of the things I wanted to let people know about in this post is that you can pre-save this song now using this link:

The second post was a remix of that silly corn song, that I made more Canadian. so as I’m writing this I just finished a long day in the studio making that idea, posting it, watching it blow up, and now turning it into a full length song and uploading it to platforms…. All i. A 12 hour span haha. I’m so ready for bed.

But if you wanna check out the full version of the corn song, here’s the link to the YouTube video!

And here’s the link to find it on all streaming platforms:

Love y’all and good night <3

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Busy is good! Keep putting out great music! 😊

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