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Shane William Kimber...

... is my real given name. It is also the name I will be using to release the musical projects that are most important to me. I love making fun comedic music, but it is not all I make...

The music you will find below is very specifically NOT made to be fun and easy to listen to. It is my life's work. It is an attempt to guide myself and others through the perils of life, using my art.

The music below is the reason that I am the happiest person I have ever me. It's the reason I love myself, when so many other people don't. If you have the patience to study this music closely enough, I believe it may have similar benefits to offer you.

1. Thomas.
Thomas Album Cover.jpeg

'Thomas.' is my Magnum Opus, though I created it at a very young age, where I didn't know much at all about how to create music. It follows the tragic story go a man named Thomas, and explores the dangers of a life built around codependency and giving up on one's own dreams.

"What you are speaks so loudly I can't hear a word you're saying"

                                                                -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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