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I wanted to make this page so that everyone can know exactly what equipment and software I use to make my music and videos. No secrets here!


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This condenser mic is what I've used on 99% of my vocals from 2019-2022. It gives great clarity and 'sparkle' which saves me time when I'm mixing.



UAD really was the missing piece for me. The preamps are a huge step up from entry level audio interfaces, and the software it comes with is simply the best available. Can't live without it.

iMac 27" 2017


I mix and video edit with Logic Pro & Final Cut, so I needed to get a Mac. I got a 2017 specifically, because with older macs you can install more RAM after you buy them, where the new ones you can't. So I got a faster computer for less money, by going with the 2017, and then buying 2 16GB RAM cards and installing them myself,

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I've had these for over 5 years now and don't feel the need to upgrade. More important that the quality of speakers is how long you've had them, and how well you know their sounds. But if you want nice monitors I'd recomend these

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 14.05.35.png


Got these for Christmas 10 years ago and they still work great. I used to mix on these all the time until I got my monitors, and you need good over the ear headphones for recording. 


I am going to expand this section with time, including adding a 'Best Free Plugins' list, and giving more details on the companies I trust the most.

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This is the most essential tool in my arsenal, and it's only $30. It makes my bass and drums loud without having to distorted the entire song. 

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In my opinion De-Essing is the most underrated parts of mixing a good vocal. I struggled with it for years, until I found this plugin. It's cheap too!

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 14.54.41.png

J37 Tape Machine

I really like to drive this hard to add distortion on vocals and drums. I also use it fairly often in mastering. Again, it's cheap!

CLA-3A Compressor

I use this on every pretty much every single vocal I do. Just make sure you buy it on sale, or get it in the Horizon Bundle. Then it's really affordable.

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 14.57.38.png

Soothe 2

I used to struggle for hours, days, sometimes weeks trying to get my EQ right. Now I put a Soothe on and it's done. If you want to do music professionally, and value your time, this plugin is worth the money.

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